Do you have an excellent position in the public service? Do you work as a civil servant? Know that thanks to your professional position, you have all the criteria of a stable professional situation that banks and other financial institutions value enormously.

In your case, if you need to subscribe to a loan or a credit redemption, your file can easily be accepted by a lending institution. If you have difficulty managing your loans, the purchase of credit for civil servants and the like is a financial offer that is adapted to solve your worries.


Credit buy-back, a financial operation accessible to all civil servants


The repurchase of credit for civil servants and assimilated is an offer which is opened to all the employees working in the public service and assimilated. Territorial authority official, civil servant, army, public hospitals, ministries or companies and public bodies such as SNCF, Air France, RATP … All these officials can benefit from this offer in case of incapacity to repay his various loans.

The public credit buy-back allows borrowers working in the public service to benefit from assistance for the repayment of their credits, be it consumer credit, personal credit, revolving credit or mortgage credit. This solution of grouping of its financial credits can be subscribed without guarantee up to 12 years. But for those who have a mortgage guarantee, the purchase of credit can be up to 25 or 35 years.


The repurchase of credit for civil servants and assimilated with an online loan simulator

online loan

Do you want to find the right buyback for officials and the like at the best rate? For that, it is enough to use our comparator site of offers of credit on line. This modern device allows you to quickly find an ideal credit redemption offer regardless of your wealth situation.

Whether you are a simple tenant, rented free of charge, in the company housing or owning your own home, you can use an online credit redemption. Even with a stable professional status, an employee is not immune to certain risks of insolvency or inability to repay loans. That’s why a credit redemption is the best way to get out and avoid being in a worse situation.

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