Personal payday loan offers the possibility of acquiring money and does not need to prove where you will use the money. It is the ideal credit line for anyone who wants to pay off credit card debt, or needs cash for some sort of unforeseen.

Hiring Personal payday loan is quick and easy. And today with the internet, it has made the availability of the service even easier, both by the site and by applications. Some companies only serve by online platform, others still continue with their physical stores

The installments can usually be paid by debit to account or ticket. loan analysis is done in a maximum of three days.

The internet has brought ease to those who need quick and easy credit.


Where to find loan ?

personal loan

Currently, there are numerous institutions that offer Personal payday loan. There are still many with physical stores, but the vast majority allow contracting through the digital platform.

So we’ve separated some Personal payday loan options for you:

Low Interest

Low Interest

The company acts as correspondent banking, ie is responsible for intermediation between the client and the institution.

To perform a search is very easy, just register all your data on the site and it will present you the offers compatible with your profile and your need. Inside the options, just choose the one that best suits you. Documents must be submitted for credit analysis. If approved, the money will be released.

The interest and term vary according to each financial institution, but the company has more than 30 types of loans and several partners. Visit the website and do your simulation now.




Giga is also a banking correspondent. Through its digital platform the customer registers, fills his proposal and within 5 days he receives the answer to your request.

Individuals can request the credit between R $ 3,000.00 and R $ 50,000.00, which must be paid in up to 24 months through monthly bank vouchers. The rates charged are from 2% per month, varying according to the conditions of each order and customer




He is also a banking correspondent and has been in the market since 2015. At Regu you have 12 to 36 months to pay and interest rates range from 2% to 9.5% per month. The first installment may be paid after 40 days. It is possible to request from R $ 2,000.00 to R $ 50,000, depending on your profile.


Muratum Money


Through the digital platform you simulate the desired conditions and fill in the registration. For approval it is necessary to verify the bank, made through a safe tool called Instator. After the verification is generated the digital contract that must be signed. In this stage the final evaluation happens, being approved the money is transferred to the client’s account within 24 hours. It is important to note that the registered CPF should be the same as the current account holder.

Muratum releases from R $ 200 to R $ 3,000.00 that can be paid in up to 12 installments.

It is not always that a loan is advisable due to the interest applied, however, in some cases it is the only solution to reorganize your financial life. Therefore, it is very important to seek all the information to make the best choice, as there are several options available.

Analyze the origin of the company and if it is authorized by the Central Bank. Compare interest rates and terms. Once you are aware of your choice, you are ready to take out your loan.

But do not forget to evaluate your budget and not make new expenses, since you will have a debt for a long period.

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